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  • Roll, Baby, Roll...

    When the temperature starts heating up in the office, so should your wardrobe. And this doesn't mean sacrificing your style, this means adjusting it.

     How to stay cool? You roll.

    While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to roll up your sleeves, certain sleeve rolls can look cleaner and sharper than others. Want to hear the types of roll you could do? Keep reading.

     1. The Simple Roll-This is the go-to for most men, and is sometimes also known as the Basic or the Classic Roll. Flip that cuff up once or twice, and you are good to go. Too boring for you? Scroll to number 2.

    2. The "Workman's" Roll-You've been working a hard day in the office. It's hot. You're frustrated. And you are hitting the streets to your next indoor (or outdoor) scene-Happy Hour. 3 to 4 rolls, and you are in business. This sleeve roll can be brought out when there is a need for heavy lifting or hard work involved, hence it's name.

    3. The Inside-Out Roll-Personally, our favorite at Esposito. Why? Because you could showcase that inside red cuff lining with this stylish roll. Unbutton your sleeve, roll the larger part up and show some contrast at the cuff.

     So go ahead, roll it up, boys.

  • A Woman's Closet

    A woman's take on a man's crisp white button down: They probably own at least 10 men's white dress shirts.

    They go with almost everything in a woman's closet, from vintage Levi's and some sneakers, to tight pencil skirts. You can wear it with a leather skirt and with some stellar black stiletto pumps for a late lunch over the weekend or evening week night. The fashion choices are endless.

    Before Tom Cruise in Risky Business, Marilyn Monroe and Jeanie did a heck of a job making that crisp white men's shirt, making it a fashion staple for even woman. Practical, unpretentious, crisp, simple, yet still sensual, you had Uma Thurman in a white button down during her scene with John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Barefoot wearing an over-sized white button down and basic Capri pants, Uma Thurman told Saturday Night Fever himself, "I do believe Marsellus Wallace, my husband, your boss, told you to take me out and do whatever I wanted. Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good." Audrey Hepburn in the 1950's, Diane Keaton playing Annie Hall, Sharon Stone wearing her husband's shirt tied back with a dragonfly brooch to a red carpet event in 1998, these women are the white shirt cavalry.

    So what makes this look so alluring? Is it the suggestion of a morning after? The contrast of feminine and masculine? You have to admit, there's something territorial about it. We'll happily post any customer photos of girlfriends wearing your Esposito white button down shirt. (you have share the mojo.) But until then, enjoy this blog and gallery of lovely ladies traipsing about town in our favorite outfit.

  • The White Shirt

    The white shirt. The ever-so-popular piece for a man. An item that will never go out of style, no matter what trend you pair it with. Every man needs to own a few white shirts. It's just an unwritten law to do so in our books.

    Because it reflects light and is cool to wear, white is a popular color for summer wear. The traditional white collared man’s shirt is definitely a must-have fashion essential for any well-dressed man’s wardrobe. Not only is the shirt a refined choice, it is also a nice classic accompaniment to leisure wear. Getting hot in the shirt as the weather gets steamy? Roll up those sleeve. If you choose an Esposito shirt to wear, let our red trim sneak through for a color pop when rolling up.

    White shirts go with either khakis or jeans. Even wear the traditional white shirt with colorful skinny pants/jeans during the warmer months of the year. Use your imagination and combine different outfits together for a day out on the town.

    Want to go out at night? Pair up that white shirt with slacks and even a blazer, and you are good to go.

    The possibilities are just endless when taking a classic piece and styling it multiple ways. And the best part about a classic white shirt? No one will ever know you are wearing the same shirt 3 times in one week when you style it unique and different each time. A great tip from your designer!

  • Travel Weekend


    We've waited all season for this coming weekend. It's that time of the year in the US-Memorial Day! And that means most of you are going nuts trying to pack that last minute bag for your travels.

    When in Europe, do as the Europeans do – dress with flair. Temperate weather means that you do not need to stuff your bag with heavy coats – leaving room for fun accessories and at least one nice evening look. Start with a core of solid color basics, and dress them up and down with top layers and fashionable accents. Versatile day-to-evening looks take you from sightseeing to an evening of theatre and stylish cafes. Your feet will thank you for good walking shoes for miles of cobblestones.

    Wondering what to wear? Try some of our classic styles or tees to pair up with your favorite jean or slacks this travel weekend. Featured above is our novelty chambray button down shirt. Bon Voyage!

  • Green-The New Neutral

    Pistachio green. It represents the clean, warm, flowered, fresh cut grass smell of the spring and summer. Green could be dressed up, or dressed down. 

    The color green could create an energetic feeling when combined with other vibrant hues, yet can also create a sophisticated look when paired with other classic neutrals like white, black or chocolate brown. I always say, green is one of the few colors that is on trend, without being trendy.

    As a designer, I am a firm believer that color awakens the inner conscious. The modern man is being redefined through the vision of bright and saturated color. Today's man is introduced to color, and trending colors are reinforced through design. It's a new sense of self expression. 

    Shop our store and see our take on green here-the Pistachio Green Dip Dye Shirt.

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